Sales & Lodging Taxes

Sales Tax

As a home rule government, the State of Colorado collects our sales tax. Business owners must obtain state sales tax licenses to sell retail merchandise or taxable services within the Town.

Retail sales inside the Town limits are taxed at a rate of 8.4%, which includes 2.9% Colorado State tax, 1% Eagle County tax, 0.5% Eagle County Transit tax and 4.0% Town of Minturn tax. The Colorado Department of Revenue collects state and county taxes and is the agency where businesses register trade names. The toll-free telephone number for the New Business Hotline is 1-800-333-7798. State application forms and general information for conducting business in Colorado is available by calling that number, or by visiting the Colorado Secretary of State website. Colorado Business Registration forms, CR100, and instructions are available on the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

Lodging Tax

Who must file a return: If you lease or rent rooms or accommodations for less than 30 consecutive days, a lodging tax is required to be paid. This includes hotels, apartment hotels, motels, lodging houses, motor hotels, guest houses, guest ranches, trailer coaches, mobile homes, auto camps, time share units, condominium units, town homes, trailer Courts, private residences, or any such similar place. A lodging tax must be filed every month even if there is no tax to remit.

When you must file: Returns must be filed monthly by the 20th day of the month following the month for which you are reporting.

The Lodging Tax Application Form and Lodging Tax Return Form can be found at