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Pet Information

Know the Facts:

Sec. 7-9-70. — Failure to Control a Pet Animal
It shall be unlawful and considered a failure to control a pet animal when: A pet animal is allowed to defecate on public or private property and the owner or responsible person of the animal does not remove the waste in a timely manner. Fines up to $250.00.

Let's Work Together:

If you notice a poop bag station is empty, please call (970) 827-5645 Ext. 4 to get it refilled!





Wildlife Information

Be Bear Aware!Bears

Leaving your garbage at the curb the night before pick-up is breaking the law! The town passed its first Wildlife Protection Ordinance effective April 1, 2005. This law requires residents and business owners to secure garbage containers with a wildlife resistant or wildlife proof system, or be kept within a fully enclosed and secure structure. Residents may place their containers at the curb at or after 6:00am on the morning of the pickup. Read the Wildlife Protection Ordinance here.

Animal Complaints:

If you have an animal-related emergency, please call 9-1-1 or Animal Shelter & Services at (970) 328-3647. To file an incident report, please complete the Eagle County Citizen Incident Report. If you have pictures or supporting documents you can upload them directly to the form. Once Eagle County receives your Citizen Incident Report, the complaint will be assigned to an officer and they will begin making contacts concerning the complaint. Please be as detailed as possible including day, date and time, along with specific descriptions of the incident, dog, etc. By completing the Citizen Incident Report your name and the statements may be considered a public record and open for inspection pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act (C.R.S. 24-72-201). Visit the Eagle County Animal Services webpage for more information.