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The Eagle County community recycling guide has arrived! Check out the latest in what can and cannot be put in your recycling bin, and help our community recycle right!  We also strongly recommend utilizing the Waste Wizard app for all your recycling questions.  



Residential Curbside Recycling is available to all Minturn residents.  If you are signed up for trash service, there is no additional cost for recycling.  Please contact Jay Brunvand at Town Hall (970-827-5645, x1, to sign up for this service, and to obtain the appropriate recycle bins. Minturn residential curbside recycling is currently dual-stream, so we recommend that residents have 2 bins.  

Please also note that cardboard is not currently accepted for curbside recycling in Minturn, however cardboard may be dropped off at the Town Hall recycling dumpster.  This dumpster is ONLY for items not accepted in curbside recycling.  This is not a full recycling center / drop site, and is not set up to handle the volume of residents dropping all of their recycling here.  Please utilize the residential curbside recycling for all of your primary recycling needs. 

Thank you!  

For more information on accepted and non-accepted items for dual-steam recycling, visit  

Dual Stream 2 Bin Recycling

Dual Stream Recycling

Dual-Stream Recycling

What & How… Household recycling is easy. Just follow these instructions when you place the items in the Vail Honeywagon recycle bins. Recyclables must be in Vail Honeywagon recycle bins to ensure reliable service. Call our office if you need a larger recycle bin.

Bin # 1:
Paper – newspaper, office paper, magazine, paperboard

Bin # 2:
Comingle – glass, aluminum, plastic

Cardboard is NOT accepted in dual-stream curbside collection

Cardboard can be recycled at the Eagle County recycle drop-off sites.

Dual Stream can now put paperboard in the paper bin at the curb.

Contaminated recycling will be refused and extra charges will apply for contaminated recycling.

Additional Resources

Materials not accepted:

Recyclable materials contained in plastic bags will not be collected for recycling
*Extra charges may apply if we need to send a separate truck to pick up contaminated recycling

Plastic Bags
Coffee Cups
Mirrors & Glassware
Soft Plastics & Packaging

Hard to Recycle Materials

Batteries & Bulbs:

Eagle County Household Hazardous Waste – (970) 328-3468 – Wolcott

Vail Valley Ace Hardware – (970) 476-8282 –  Vail


Eagle County Hazardous Waste – (970) 328-3468 – Wolcott


Vail Valley Ace Hardware – (970) 476-8282 –  Vail

Sherwin Williams – (970) 845-0686

Eagle County Household Hazardous Waste – (970) 328-3468 – Wolcott

*ECHW also accepts aerosol, pesticides & motor oil

Furniture/Clothing & Toys:

Eagle Valley Community Fund – (970) 845-7070 – Minturn

Vail Valley Cares – (970) 926-7134 – Edwards & (970) 328-1444 – Eagle 

Habitat for Humanity – (970) 328-1119 – Eagle

*Habitat does not accept clothing

Scrap Metal:

Trinity Recycling – (970) 328-5051

Recycle/Compost: – (970) 467-3511


Compost Drop Site at Town Hall

The Town of Minturn is happy to announce that we have implemented a Compost Drop Site at Town Hall. This service is available to Vail Honeywagon Compost Program members only (you must sign up for the service to participate). The compost dumpster is located at the southeast corner of the building, on the Boulder St. side.  

To sign up for a drop-site membership contact Vail Honeywagon.


Alliance Recycle is now providing recycling opportunities for residents through a drop-off program at collection sites located throughout the county. For further information about recycling please call the alliance at (970) 569-3890.

Download Recycling Information here.

Recycling Technology Items

Recycling electronic equipment is critical for our environment yet experts currently estimate that less than 15% of electronic components purchased are properly recycled. The remaining 85% are unaccounted for and often end up in our landfill. The goal of High Country Computer Services, LLC is to recover as much raw material as possible and ensure hazardous chemicals and heavy metals are disposed of properly.

Household Hazardous Waste Facility

The Eagle County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Small Business Hazardous Waste Collection Facility (CESQG) is now open to the public. The new facility is located at the landfill north of Wolcott. For more information visit the HHW website or call (970) 328-3463.

Landfill & Recycling

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2250 Hwy 131, Wolcott, CO 81655
Phone: (970) 328-3470
Fax: (970) 328-3466