Belden Place - Combined PUD Concept Plan

South Minturn
Belden Place

Belden Place 
Residential PUD/Subdivision 
Combined PUD Concept Plan Application

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The Project is comprised of three (3) parcels. These parcels are all currently under Title to Miners Base Camp, LLC  
The three parcels are identified as: 

Parcel 210335101041 – 1251 Main Street
Parcel 210335101040 – 1217 & 1221 Main Street
Parcel 210335101038 – 1201 & 1207 Main Street (A.k.a. The “Christiansan Property”)

Please note that the addresses have been altered as the residences on these properties have been removed or are in the process of being removed. 


Founded by mining and railroad workers at the turn of the century: 
“Minturn has adapted to several major changes in the local economy over the decades, including the development of Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts, the closing of the Gilman mine, and the abandonment of rail lines through Minturn. Despite this transformation from the Old West to the new, Minturn maintains its distinctive character, architecture and quality of life.”1 
In 2020, Minturn continues to be a place filled with neighbors who know each other; and where a sense of a strong community lives on. Whether it is within the downtown area, or located in a particular “block” - each ‘section’ of this wonderful township is unique with idyllic personality.  
Located on treasured land that has been in the hands of true Minturn locals for more than 50 years, this project will offer mid-century modern homes, the majority of which are designed and priced in order to ensure locals have a chance to remain in Minturn for years to come. More precisely, the Belden Place Design Team wishes to provide: 

• Attainable homes for local, resident families;• A new development that supports the ongoing renaissance of Minturn;• A much-needed “missing middle2” home choice, to fill an affordable ‘gap’ in the existing housing market for reasonably priced homes. 

Adjacent to National Forest property on the south and west sides, this neighborhood includes wonderful views. Located within 3 mins drive time of the downtown and within 15-20 mins of major employers, it is the ideal spot to house young professional locals, or those long time Vail Valley locals longing to live in a small-town community.  
Driven with local-home ownership in mind, the developers of this project are voluntarily placing buyer-restrictions on some of the homes to ensure second-home owners are not going to be able to scoop up these viable residences. This helps to ensure Minturnites are not displaced in their own backyards as has been familiar with for-sale properties currently on the market3. Available properties have such high land costs new buyers have to be able to afford to pay for the lot and either completely remodel the unit or tear down the existing residence and build a new one in its place. That cost effectively eliminates the ability of most local, non-professional residents to buy and/or re-build in Minturn. This forces locals to rent homes with roommates to help offset overhead; or, they look down valley if they wish to purchase a new home. Simply, many long time Minturn owners are land rich/cash poor, and are not able to rebuild or replace old homes in need, resulting in the sale of their property and purchase of new home elsewhere outside of Minturn. This is especially true for older or retired persons, or low to middle income-earning families who are doing what they can just to be here. This is simply not sustainable for a town that was established by the working-class. 


The proponents of this project are comprised of multi-decade Vail Valley locals. This group has acquired three (3) properties in South Minturn that were formally owned by long-time Minturn property owners. More precisely, they purchased two of the three properties, and negotiated with the owners of the third property in exchange for the construction of a new, accessible home, suitable for aged persons and their family. All three properties contained homes 30+ years- the majority of which, were degraded mobile homes built in a time where construction was considered sub-standard (pre-1995).4 One of the mobile homes that has already been removed on Lot 32 needed asbestos abatement. This is all too common in older homes on or before 1980. All of the homes will be removed prior to the onset of any new construction. 

Concerned with the local housing market, the applicants decided that this location was perfectly suited for attainable housing, and for many reasons, including its proximity to public lands comprising of the perpetual riverside open space (Boneyard) and Forest Service lands; its location on a major transportation route; and importantly, its closeness to major employment centers. Containing relatively flat slopes, these highly developable lots are completely suitable for new construction. 
Since this project contains elements that require flexibility from the underlying zoning and development code of Minturn, this application includes a Planned Unit Development (PUD) overlay, which is based in modern zoning practices. This PUD has been specifically created to manage bulk and form of structures, as well as buyer restrictions and so forth. It has been written with the understanding and knowledge that this project will not only be entitled by the owners, but will also be constructed by a development team selected by the owners. This simplifies the need to ensure every architectural detail etc., be addressed at this time. This means that the builders will know exactly what and how to construct in this development, providing a level of predictability that other developments that only sell lots, do not have. Essentially, the developers will be involved from initial application, directly through processes and up until homes are sold. This provides predictable design and consistent development practices. 
The next section of this application will focus on how our project conforms to the Town Code and Community Plan.