Master Drainage Plan

The Old Town Master Drainage Plan (2013) is intended to aid the Town in its redevelopment of the drainage infrastructure and streets serving the Town.

Specifically the intent is to evaluate and plan for the needs of the Town in the Old Town and South Town areas for storm infrastructure to be designed with the repaving of Main Street and the adjacent residential roads.

This plan is intended as a tool to be used with the design of individual repaving and infrastructure improvement projects to effectively improve drainage and flood protection cohesively as projects occur.

Completion of this Master Plan involved the development of a planning document that would:

  1. Evaluate the capacity and effectiveness of the existing storm system.
  2. Identify capital improvement projects needed for flood protection to benefit the health, safety and welfare of the town residents.
  3. Comprehensively plan for storm drainage as a guide in individual project designs.
  4. Promote sound engineering designs that protect both public improvements and private property from drainage related damage.
  5. Be a tool for implementing future improvements affecting the Town Core.