Active Planning Applications

This page contains information pertaining to mid to large scale development project applications.  Information on smaller, individual planning applications can be found in the pertaining planning commission packets. 

Your comments and questions concerning applications are invited.  Please contact the Planning Department at 970-445-2429 or to submit public comment or ask questions about an application. Please be aware that all written correspondence and emails received pertaining to planning applications become part of the public record upon receipt by Town staff and will be distributed to the Planning Commission and included in staff's report.  


Minturn North PUD Preliminary Plan Application

Excerpt from Sec I: Minturn North PUD Narrative "We are requesting preliminary PUD approval for the proposed subdivision a single parcel of land bordered by Taylor Street on the east and Minturn Road on the west. The parcel runs from the intersection of Minturn Rd and Taylor St toward the north approximately 300’ north of Game Creek. Currently this land is zoned as a PUD holding zone and therefore is required to go through the PUD process to secure entitlements (16-15-110_2). We are proposing 92 residential lots ranging in size from 2,500sf up to 10,100sf. At the south end of the property around the townhomes, we are proposing a single multi-family lot."

Below are all documents submitted to the Town that were submitted as part of the PUD application along with the referral comments received as feedback.

Application Materials

Referral Comments - Minturn North 

Public Comment on Minturn North 4/7/21-4/14/21 3:00 pm

Public Comment on Minturn North 4/14/21 3:00 pm - 5/24/21

Public Comment on Minturn North 5/24/21-7/28/21

Application as One Document

Planning Commission Meeting April 14, 2021 Packet

Planning Commission Meeting July 28, 2021 Packet

Online Meeting Participation Guidelines for PUDs


Belden Place PUD Application

Excerpt from Belden Place Application Narrative "Using modern, compact development principles and design, this PUD incorporates the use of a variety of lot sizes and unit sizes in order to maximize the “highest and best use” and attainability of the homes in this project. In order to offer homes to locals and average wage earners, this project is being developed in such a way as to create a real comprehensive neighborhood with quality of place where new residents share family values, incomes, and lifestyles, captured in one zone district."

Belden Place Preliminary Plan for PUD

Resolution 20 - Series 2021: Belden Place Preliminary Plan Approval

Belden Place Final Plan for PUD